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confirms in July 2013 that the GeroVital® Anti-Aging Treatment
is trusted by Anti-Aging Doctors.

"Anti-aging and longevity clinics now promote Gerovital H3 in pill form and
as intravenous infusions.

Unsollicited Testimonies
(results may vary from person to person)

From a Tornado Survivor:  Caroline I.

"I thouroughly enjoy gerovital products! 
PS. I broke my toe during an EF 1 toronado here last week.

 The next day it was all balck and red and within two days all the discoloration was gone and I could wear shoes! Thanks all to the GH3 injections!"

From Brenda F.

"I am 52 yrs old.started using gerovital H3one month esthetician keeps asking what i am doing. I feel better now than age 20.wasted a lot of money on other vitamins "

From An Australian Actor Brian W.

"Already I see the difference and so does everyone else. I am about to turn 40. Everyone is astounded that I do not look my age. I have not told anyone I have been on the Procaine treatment, yet I am often complimented on my youthful appearance.
I am an actor here in Australia and have appeared on many TV shows. My agent is now putting me forward for roles in the 25-30 year bracket. To his amazement, I look at least 10 years younger.
. ?"

Please avoid the low quality and high prices of the US and UK illegal copies of GeroVital.

Please see the testimony of J.S (USA) :

 "I have taken the "fake" GH3 for many years.  I am now taking your product and find it exceptional. Again, this GH3 is truly wonderful.  I do not know how I missed your web site in the past, as I have tried product from 4 different companies claiming to have the "real thing"..."

Please see the testimony of Georgia, California:

"I ordered the GeroVital tablets and began taking them 3 days ago.  I will admit that I was very skeptical about the results.  However, after only 3 days, I am amazed!  The arthritis in my right hand was so bad that I hadn't used that hand for a few weeks.  It was very swollen and looked terrible.  It started to take effect very quickly after the first 2 tablets.  Now, the swelling in my hand is down about 70%.  Yesterday, I even pumped gas, and I can more it freely!  I'm thrilled.

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From Romania comes GeroVital GH3 the proved anti aging treatment . We offer, at reasonable prices, the most powerful and famous anti age proved scientific treatment: The Romanian GeroVital H3 ® discovered by Dr./Prof. Ana Aslan. It is based on Procaine. Its action is not limited only to anti age as it is also recommended for (click this link)  You have the choice of the genuine Romanian Gerovital H3 ® Tablets  and the GH3 ® vials. and the Gerovital 24 K Gold Seru . Please download the clinical studies of the effects of gerovital.

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GH3 is considered a dietary supplement with very few side effects (allergy to procaine). However We recommend that you take the advice of a medical professional that knows you and your medical history

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